Qualitative Reference Minerals and Ores

Given the huge number and variety of mineral ores and concentrates GBJ can provide a search, source and supply service for Mineral CRM’s. There are literally thousands of CRM’s on offer. Tell us what you need and we will search and provide a summary of the CRM’s and RM’s that meet your required parameters.*

We have long standing relationships with all the major mineral ore CRM and RM manufacturers which enables GBJ to offer the widest range of Standards to meet your needs.

*conditions apply

We supply the following:

  • NCS
  • Canmet
  • BAS
  • BAM
  • NIST
  • AMIS
  • ICRM
  • Swerea
  • Dillinger
  • IGS
  • BCR
  • FQZ
  • IPT
  • Lucideon
  • JSS
  • USGS
  • GSJ
  • GBW
  • CGL
  • DASO
  • Cetem
  • LGC
  • VS
  • CMSI
  • BS
  • IMZ
  • MBH
  • IMN

We supply certified reference minerals and ores to the mining industry and specialised laboratories to accurately calibrate equipment and test acquired geological samples. The certified reference materials (CRMs) are available in powders, pellets and chips per your requirements.

We source our reference minerals and ores from reputable suppliers, providing full disclosure to maintain standards and prevent contamination in transit. We have been the trusted supplier in Australia of reference alloys, steels and brasses for spectroscopic analysis since 1982, having built solid relations with benchmarking governmental agencies and private CRM manufacturers across the globe.

Our reference minerals and ores contain a known concentration of a specific mineral or element. They are certified to calibrate analytical instruments, verify analytical methods and monitor laboratory performance during mineral exploration, mining and mineral processing. We offer our clients their choice of certified supplier, and we are always willing to source uniquely composed reference samples for your laboratory.

We keep record of the certificates of analysis (CoA) for all CRMs supplied by us, so we can maintain unbroken traceability of the primary standard. This is part of our commitment to your excellence and another reason to choose gbj as your partner for certified reference minerals and ores.

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