Benchmark LGC Reference Materials

Having built relationships with leading local and global manufacturers and metrology institutes, we are able to offer you all of your standards from the one local source. 

Reference materials supplied by LGC are globally accepted as among the best certified reference materials (CRMs). Specifically for analytical testing, benchmarking and quality control purposes in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage testing, environmental monitoring and forensic analysis. We are prominently positioned to supply your lab with the relevant portfolio of LGC reference materials, including organic and inorganic compounds, biological materials, environmental and food matrices, and stable isotopes.

We have been accredited certified reference material suppliers since 1982, offering clients access to CRMs required in their mining, chemical, food and health business operations. We hold the permits to import LGC reference materials into Australia, and we can source specific CRMs for you from our diverse sources.


Our certified reference materials ensure the quality, accuracy and reliability of your measurements and calibrated measuring equipment. Choosing a supplier with a transparent supply chain and CRM traceability is critical to your success. We work exclusively with the best certified reference material suppliers in the world, ensuring you only receive quality in your lab with complete documentation.

Choose LGC reference materials from gbj for absolute accuracy, accountability and reliability in your measurements.