Food and Beverage

GBJ have a range of Import permits that allow the importation of various food matrices for research or analytical purposes. The Agricultural sector in Australia is an important part of our economy. We don’t take any risks with importing material which might be infected with a pathogen which is not present in Australia. The cost to business would be catastrophic.

We can supply the following CRM’s:

  • Wine CRM’s
  • Turbidity standards
  • Alcohol standards
  • Brix standards
  • Processed Food standards
  • Food and Drink products – diet standards, standards for milk powder, peanut butter, juice etc.
  • Food Supplements – vitamins, Ginkgo extract, organic acids from fruit
  • Trace Metals in Food
  • Trace Metals in Beverages
  • Contaminants in Food


  • NIST
  • SPEX
  • GFS
  • LGC
  • Paragon
  • NRC
  • NMIJ
  • JSAC

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