Environmental Water, Soil, and Air Analysis Services

Certified reference materials (CRMs) in air testing have been characterised by high accuracy and precision for a specific chemical or physical property of interest. When looking for a CRM provider, gbj has the necessary quality assurance, complies with regulations, and ensures traceability.

CRMs ensure that soil testing results are reliable and accurate. In soil testing, CRMs are commonly used to measure the concentrations of various elements such as heavy metals, nutrients and organic compounds.

Natural or Synthetic matrices with analytes for testing water pollution, waste water and water supply or drinking water.   Standards are also available to fulfil requirements for monitoring soil and solid matrices.

Importing Biological matrices can be complex.  Let us deal with the Quarantine issues for you.

GBJ holds Import permits to cover the sourcing of a wide range of Environmental standards and are a Quarantine Approved Premise .

All costs and biosecurity requirements will be detailed in one simple, all-inclusive quote.  We handle the importation from order placement to delivery. The process ensures you are not putting Australians or our environment at risk from unwanted pathogens entering Australia.

Graham B Jackson (Aust) P/L are the exclusive Australian Distributor of ERA CRM’s and PT samples.

We also supply the following:

  • ERA Environmental and Proficiency Testing (PT) Reference Materials
  • Analytika Reference Materials
  • National Measurement Institute Reference Materials
  • NIST
  • BCR
  • ERM
  • NCS
  • LGC
  • NMIJ
  • NIES
  • JSAC