GBJ supplies a wide range of Metal CRM’s in solid (block or disc), powder or chip form to meet your needs.

There are thousands of Metal CRM’s available. We can provide a search, source and supply offering. Tell us what you need and if the CRM is no longer available we will find the closest fit for you.

We have relationships with all the major metal CRM and RM manufacturers which enables GBJ to offer the widest range of Standards to meet your needs.

We supply

  • Brammer
  • ARMI
  • LGC
  • NIST
  • MBH
  • BAS
  • Swerea
  • Dillinger
  • HRT
  • JSS
  • NCS
  • IMN
  • IMZ
  • IPT
  • SPL
  • BAM
  • LGC
  • CKD
  • SUS
  • Vaskut
  • BCR
  • GBW
  • Arconic

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